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and support our efforts to provide a safe and secure park for people to recreate, walk, bike, ride horses, view wildflowers in the spring, cross country ski and snowshoe in the winter and enjoy the wildlife year round. With your support, Palisades will continue its ongoing effort to pick up trash, manage its forests, and keep the trail cleared.

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Recognizing the fact that there is a potential for an accident in any sport activity, which can cause injuries to animals, participants, and spectators and also recognizing the fact that Palisades, including officers or members cannot always know the condition of natural areas or the experience of participants or animals taking part in various functions, I do hereby release the above named from any claim or right for damages which might occur to me, my minor children or animals.
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  Membership $25.00 donation/family & individual, 5 year membership $100 donation Make Checks Payable to Palisades and send to : 2302 N. Houston Rd. Spokane, WA 99224