• No Motorized vehicles
  • Leave No Trace
  • Dogs on leashes
  • Report Graffiti
  •  Report suspicious or dangerous activities
  • Do not run or yell at riders on horseback
  • Remove horse manure from trail heads



  1. Best Views of Spokane
  2. Great trails
  3. Spectacular Basalt Cliffs
  4. Abundant wildlife and flora

Palisades is a Spokane City Park located west of the city at the junction of Greenwood, Basalt and Rimrock Dr. There are 700 acres of trails available for hikers, bikers and equestrian use with some of the most spectacular views of the city of Spokane.  Palisades also has a natural creek and waterfall.  The park is closed to motorized traffic. 


About Palisades Park

Why Palisades?

Where Is Palisades Park?

Palisades Non-Profit Organization was formed in 2002 to promote, preserve, and help maintain the park.  Our goals are to represent the issues in the park to the city, help keep it clean, healthy, and safe, educate the public about the park, and increase the park's holdings through the Conservation Futures Program.  It is also a goal to bring together the park's volunteers and supporters for social activities and to address any safety concerns.

Palisades Non-profit Organization

Palisades is located near Indian Canyon Golf Course at the junction of Greenwood Rd, Rimrock Dr. and Basalt.  It boasts the best views of the city of Spokane and Mt. Spokane you'll find anywhere.  Most days of the week the park is filled with walkers, joggers, nature enthusiasts, bikers and equestrians.  The upper loop is a flat road, but there are many trails leading through the park with varying terrain.